On the Job Training

We have a structured on-the-job training (OJT) program which all our workers will attend and become competent in before they are assigned to worksites to participate in any projects. A series of training modules are designed for continual training to upgrade our workforce.

BizSafe Certified 

As a bizSAFE Star certified company, the management and staff are committed to make safety our priority in all our activities. All workers are sent for the mandatory safety trainings and qualified safety personnel will be deployed to provide guidance and surveillance at site. We strive to achieve zero accident every year.

Robotic System – Tank External and Ship Hull Cleaning

With safety as our number one focus, we have sourced extensively around the globe for a robotic system that is able to do the job (i.e. hydrojetting) safely via remote. This addresses the safety issues present previously when workers had to operate a hydro jetting gun manually at close range. For more information about this robotic system, click here.

High Pressure Protective Suits

Placing safety as our number 1 priority, we have invested heavily into obtaining safe equipment such as this High Pressure Protective Suit. We are the ONLY company in Singapore who provides this suit for all our employees who are handling hydro jetting guns. This suit ensures a lowered accident rate, which in turns creates a safer environment for our valued employees.

This high pressure protective suit is made of highly durable special material and can effectively protect the front back and limbs of body, including the head, neck and feet.

It provides effective protection of up to 2800bar (40,000 psi) pressure, making it suitable for protection against high pressure water cleaning and sand blasting operations.

Video of Hydro Jetting Pressure test on Protective Suit

  • 1000 bar, distance 75mm, straight line nozzle at a speed of 0.5m/s
  • 2800 bar, distance of 75mm with a rotating nozzle.

For sales enquiries regarding the High Pressure Protective Suit, please contact us here or email us at sales@jeneric.com.sg